Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Crafting, Visitors, other Inspirational Crafters.

Its been quite a weekend with visitors, the rain, much eating and drinking and visiting other members of the family.

I know many of you are in a similar position and don't have a craft room that is just for craft. My craft room is also our second bedroom, we only have two bedrooms our house is termed 'bijou' so when visitors come I have to put away the craft things. I wonder what you workspace is usually like here is a sweeping view of mine as it was last Thursday!

Now for the transformation for my sister in laws visit.

So that took a good number of hours to achieve as you can't see the piles of 'useful' items around the edge of the room that all needed a home!

My sister in law writes poetry, she has won prizes and been published, I am in awe. She did bring a number of other items to show me and this one in particular I wanted to share. 
How many people have one of those hip flasks hidden away at the back of drawer. Well heres one that was, whats more the glass of the flask was broken so it wasn't really any use. 

She gave it to a friend Peter Edmunds, thinking he might be able to use the leather pouch. This is what he gave her back.

Just look at the size of that cute pencil. It just fits inside the neck of the flask top.

 He has used the original top and added the paper pack. He has stitched the parts together.

This is the back showing the stitching.

He makes lots of books from all manner of things I will post a link to his page when I have it. I think this is re cycling/up cycling at its best.

I will post a crafty make by me!!!! later today.

The link:-  All My Own Books (and possibly some others too) — This project was a recycling project. The...This project was a recycling project. The original hip flask was suffering from a broken neck. The neck was salvaged and the base of it sandwiched into grey board which was shaped to resemble the top...bookmanpete.tumblr.com

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