Thursday, 15 October 2015

Colouring in for adults, plus sponging.......Heaven

Two of my favourite pass times in my crafty den is colouring in and even better lists of sponging. I posted this in reds and oranges some weeks ago. Here it is in blues and yellows. There is one on my desk in neutrals but its not finished yet!
This stamp is so great for colouring you could go make it match your decor or just go wherever the fancy takes you. I cut the sentiment away from the dove before I attached it to its wood block. I think this is going to have to be done in the box frame and as a swing out card.

I have added a swirl of silver thread but I'm not sure it adds anything so that will be very gently removed when I have finished posting here!
Again I have covered some of the swirls in Fine Tip Glue for a raised effect and some sparkle.

What colours would you use?

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