Monday, 30 November 2015

Day 6 of my 12 makes for a Christmas fair - Stars

We all need a star for the top of the tree and how often is it that that is the piece that goes missing when we clear up at the end of the festive season! I can't remember a year when I haven't had to buy a new star or angel for the top of the tree, everything else is there but not the star......

I have used up a few sheets of my retired paper stock, and I have plenty to use up. These stars are in the pictures of the seasonal catalogue. They really are easy to make, a little more fiddly to stick together so I have just tied them together.

Each star starts with 2 pieces of paper 6" square. They are then folded in half horizontally and vertically then corner to corner in both direction. 

Next you cut up the vertical and horizontal fold 1 1/4" 

Firmly crease each fold.

Next fold in from each cut length towards the diagonal fold. You do this on each point.

Once all the folds are done you stretch each folded piece over its opposite side and stick, this makes the points of the star 3 dimensional.                Work around the star until all 4 points are created. Repeat with the second piece of paper.

Once you have the two pieces folded and stuck place onto of each other, note where the stars touch. It is possible to stick together with glue dots. I have wrapped gold threaded bakers twine, tying at the point on front and back.

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  1. Love these... Thanks so much for the tutorial... I will be having a go.....