Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Gift Voucher Holders and Reindeer

I've succumbed! My team leader Julie Kettlewell shared a gift card holder she had made at training a few months ago. I really liked her little reindeer and have finally got around to making similar.
I have only used 1 sheet of A4 sahara sand card and then some old designer paper for the outside, there is a lot of daubing - around the edge of the card and the edge of the paper.
I must admit before I added the antlers I thought he looked like a 'moomin' - How many of you remember them?

As yesterday was about bows, a word on these bows. Theyare to hold the gift card holder closed. The ribbon goes between dimensionals on the back of the reindeer. My tip for tying these bows is to have the card upside down, then the bow is the right way up; the loops at the top, the tails below and I always plump the loop part up. Using the satin ribbon ensures a classy look.

 Have you noticed the ears on each of the reindeers are different, not sure how that happened but it does give them a bit of character. I have also added a drop of the fine tip glue to the eyes which give them a deep shiny 3 dimensional look.

The vouchers enclosed are not those credit card sized vouchers, the one for my son Matthew is a magazine subscription and for my hubby a day of paragliding, yes he is mad, but he so loves anything to do with flying, He had a lovely flying lesson in a Bi-plane for his last birthday.

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