Sunday, 20 December 2015

Wetlands again but not watercolour!

I love the wetlands stamp set. I made this one as the hessian ribbon was on my table from something I am going to share tomorrow..

I haven't used the large wood stamp for ages and the canadian goose always makes me chuckle. Stamped, daubed and coloured with marker pens.

This second card I made some time ago as a swap for team training. The birds in the sky are actually designer paper.

The story behind my chuckles over the geese, we used to live on a narrow boat and one of our favourite spots on the canal system is Leek pool in Derbyshire. As we reached the pool my OH would turn the boat engine off and we would glide in in silence. The pool is at least a mile from the nearest road which is a little country lane, no railway line, industrial site or even houses. Real peace until late afternoon when the geese turned up to give us their bath time show, they were very noisy splashing about.

These pictures were taken in October 2007

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