Saturday, 30 January 2016

Workbook. Anne Brooke workshop.

I have had the most amazing day. As someone who hates a large blank sheet of paper I was rather worried when presented with an A2 sheet of good quality cartridge paper this morning.

I have spent the day at a workshop looking at ways of starting a workbook. Its something I have wanted to do for ages and the fact that my drawing skills are not so good has always put me off. BUT you don't have to draw, its not a sketch book its a workbook. Once I have made a few in the way we have today I plan on using them to plan my workshops, getting the ideas out of my head onto paper as they happen then I can remember them for putting classes together.

Here is a little look at my work from today, its not a finished product and much of it is well out of my comfort zone but I have enjoyed it.

Both sides of the large sheet of paper have been inked, stamped, painted, bleached etc Then we folded and cut the paper to make a book. 
Then we looked at envelopes, punches, tags, and other items including writing to put onto the pages. Using a pen to highlight, draw and decorate the pages.

I hope you are having a good weekend. Some creativity is good for the soul.

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