Friday, 26 February 2016

Shopping and treats

I went shopping yesterday with my friend Elaine of Laineybcrafts . We went to that large Swedish everything store - we spent the day at Ikea.
There were 2 things on my shopping list, some 'ribba' box frames and some doors and drawers for my shelving unit.
Pictures are a bit dull because its a dull grey day-

 I had heard on the grapevine that they were discontinuing the box frames but I can assure you Leeds branch had loads. They are the cheapest and better quality than other 'cheap' brands locally.

The doors and drawers were another matter. I have 3 cubby holes on my unit where I can't find anything and I thought a door for one then I could just shut it away and at some date in the distant future I would get rid of everything in there 'coz I haven't used it .....well maybe, and the other two I wanted to sort out into drawers so its easier to find the googly eyes etc without everything falling out onto the floor.

However Ikea have got me again, I wanted 'green' but they only had red or white drawers, no green doors either they were out of stock. I bought a red set of drawers but not sure how long I will keep them.

On a happier note whilst we were out we thought we had better check out Home (Bargains) well spotted Julie Kettlewell, should say Home Sense!  I rarely buy in here I just dream of buying lots, but today I bought impulsively!
 I came home with this fabulous display shelf. The metal heart and bird cage with pegs have gone and this has replaced it. What do you think?


  1. Thats very nice for Home Bargains, did you mean Home Sense?

    1. Well spotted, I dreamt about this last night then forgot to check I had written the correct name! How bizzar is that.

  2. Karen this is gorgeous. I love how you have displayed your wonderful makes on it. X