Sunday, 31 July 2016

Something very different.

Last Thursday Elaine and I were working on our own projects in the Den. She was working with material, whist I had a commission box frame to complete, I'll show that after the significant date!

The make that Elaine was working on is intriguing. You fold small squares of material in a special way then pinning to a polystyrene ball. Looks really complicated but I am intrigued and look forward to seeing the complete bauble. Its a home decor item suitable for hanging from a drawer or cupboard handle. I have one that a good friend gave me some years ago, I have it attached to the storage box I have for bling, (bling being pearls and rhinestones).  It means I can find that box  quickly and easily.

The folding.

The pinning, although you can't see the pin she was too quick.

The other end, all folded and pinned.
Do you fancy coming and making some of these?