Friday, 16 September 2016

An unfinished project

In a few weeks we are having a class in the Den making a star book. Its something I have done regularly for the last few years.  This year I decided I wanted to create a vintage style book. I always have to make it more than once as when the first book is complete I can see where I could add further embellishments, a bit more daubing and other ideas just come to me. I have only create 4 of the 5 pages so far and already I have one large mistake, I wonder if you will spot it.  So here are my 4 first stage one pages.

Its a starting point. Have you spotted the big mistake.
I'm really pleased with the way the train has worked, linking the pages together. and the snow stars and spots work well too.
I'll be back next Friday with the second stage.... it might be a complete book!

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