Thursday, 22 September 2016

The last 'candle' day. Baby Bear and Paisley

Baby bear was actually the first candle I planned. However it is the last one I have made. This one is clean and simple or less is more. I had lots of ideas about how to decorate the candle and the box but when I started many of my fussy bits went in the bin! What to do, just the bear, a very thin ribbon bow finish. For the box just a fancy bow on the top. Still love the Baby Bear.

Elaine my business partner in Our Creative Den loves the paisley set. This was its first outing and she is a practitioner of 'less is more'!

This candle has a sentiment on the back and the paisley heart on the front, pretty. Again the box is clean and simple, just a fancy bow on the top. 

So which is your favourite here they all are:-


TIP for anyone who is going to try this, the Ikea candles although the cheapest are the worst to use. I think they must be dipped in something. We found the Asda candles the best.

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