Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The woes of crafting at home.

Since June and the opening of Our Creative Den all my craft stuff has been there and I haven't done any paper crafting at home, just knitting and a little embroidery. I do lots of planning and researching ideas at home, but tonight I had something I had something I wanted to start.
So I bought some of the bits home with me. The other problem is I don't have any particular space to craft in so its on the sofa, eek better not get glue everywhere. The crochet hook has been used like a pokey tool. The tape measure as a weight/clam to help the glue dry. But its worked........

The starting materials.

The gluing process!!!

One complete flower. How christmassy is that in the lovely Stampin'Up 'This Christmas' lightweight speciality papers.

This is a completed sphere in paper from a book.

There is a workshop in Our Creative Den tomorrow night to make one of these, check us out online Our Creative Den

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