Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sneek Peek Thursday

You had a sneak peek last week so today I thought I would bring you another one,  this one will make you smile.....
Now  I loved this as soon as I saw it. We live on a drive that has a farm at the end of it and the chickens roam free, they look so soft and cuddly but of course I can't get anywhere near them! I love to see them run just like on the film 'Chicken Run'. The set is called Hey Chick and its Free so whats not to like.
Here is make number one, we all be using this set in our next Saturday workshop on January 21st. Check out my classes page. Its  Stamp a Sack full of cards and we will be using lots of new things from the spring/summer catalogue.

Although it doesn't show very well on these pictures I have used the fine tip glue to highlight the red cockscomb and the long red feathers on the Polish chicken although I know they are usually black and white so I will make a black and white card this weekend. The fine tip glue takes some time to dry, it looks like a thick glass when it is dry, a great way to highlight something.


  1. Love this card! Ordered it yesterday as my freebie. How did you do the blue barn wood background paper?

    1. Hi Rhonda, me again, I found the paper, its part of the current 'Serene scene' designer paper stack from Stampin'Up. If you need any more information let me know. k x