Friday, 10 February 2017

Sweet and Simple

Every now and again we throw in a workshop/class thats 10 for £10. Because of so many cards they have to be simple and for such a good price you have to be careful what you use. At the Den we have a 10 for £10 coming up on 18th March. But we are now so well organised we have started our samples. Here they come, now I have made a little video of them and you know me and IT don't get on so a) I hope it loads ok and b) I hope it doesn't make you sea sick!!!

The video                oops still not working, attempt number 5! watch this space..........

This is all the cards together, a bit difficult as there are 10 of them.

And here they are as individual thumbnail pictures. I'm one missing can you work out which one?

Such variety and so pretty. Get those ends of papers out and get creative.

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