Saturday, 10 June 2017

Come and get me Tranquil Tulips

Today is all about one of the beautiful hostess sets. To get one of these you have be a hostess or put an order in of over £150. This is easy if you join my product share........ details below. I must admit I loved the hostess sets last year but this year they are amazing.  There are 6 to choose from and I want them all!

This was my favourite  - 'Tranquil Tulips'.

Its 2 step stamping, the easiest two step stamps ever. 
I can't think what else to say except you need this!  
Solution.........Join my product share and get this hostess set when it is your turn to be hostess. Need more information get in contact.

Product share
The ‘5 In colours’ for 2017 - 2019 are delicious. Every one is raving about them and they are so on trend. To buy the ink pads, re inkers, marker pens, ribbon, designer paper pad and A4 card can seem a bit daunting all at once.

I have 3 places left for customers to sign up for this now, then over the next 5 months, each person, each month will receive one colour of
an ink pad
a marker  pen
a bottle of re-inker,
a full reel of ribbon, 
8 double sided sheets of patterned papers for that colour
a pack of A 4 card
4 bows
At the end of the 5 months you would have everything for all of the in colours.
This would work out at £30 per month. (for each of the 5 months)
The bonus doing it this way means that in one of the months you will be hostess so you will be able to purchase this beautiful stamp set....if you want to. When it is your month or on other months you would of course be able to order other items if you choose to.

This product share is only available until the end of June. The sooner you sign up though the sooner you can get these goodies.  Email me here


If you do order online and your order is between £25 and £150 please use the hostess code below and I will send you a small bag of Stampin Up goodies in July as a thank you.

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