Saturday, 1 July 2017

Jems Blog hop - You are my sunshine

Sunshine...... where is it? I haven't seen the sun now for nearly a week. Very sad. Hope thats not summer over!

Back to the task at hand. I don't usually do sentimental on my blog, I'm not really that sort of person. But... In our lives we all have friends who give and friends who take and when there is a balance, life is sweet. Unfortunately at the moment one of my very good friends and I have a friend in common who is just taking taking taking. I have become particularly upset with this and withdrawn from a number of things that I usually enjoy.

So the sunshine in my life (other than family) are the friend with the same problem as me and another friend. In my head they are the 'foxy lady' and the 'little vixen.'  Not sure they would see this as themselves! They are both tenacious but for me they are the sunshine. The three of us suffer with what I call 'the black dog' but each of us lifts the other up. We generally have a positive outlook on life but we need good friends to help when times are rough. So to my two foxy friends a heartfelt thank you.

Daisy delight paper   144137
Foxy frinds stap set   141549
Fox punch                 141470

If you do order online and your order is between £25 and £150 please use the hostess code below and I will send you a small bag of Stampin Up goodies in July as a thank you.

If you are going in the other direction, check out Allie's page, she is very creative


  1. lovely make those foxes are so cute x

  2. I hope your friends enjoy the cute foxes and lovely leafy background. I love giving my friends cards as a surprise thank you too x

  3. Hope the card brings the sun and a smile to your two foxy friends! Together you will be strong I am sure... cute card...

  4. Love this cards, foxy still one of my favs xx

  5. Fab design and a strong story behind it x

  6. Great makes Karen, I hope you stay strong together xxx

  7. Super card. Hope things get better. X

  8. pretty cards, I forgot all about the fox stamp until you reminded me!