Thursday, 28 September 2017

Day 5 in paperland

Next Sunday is the start of October and Stampin'Up have a special deal for the whole month.
Now I know we all love a bargain but this is one of my favourites.
 Do you love paper?
Do you have to have 2 sheets of each one? One to use and one to stroke, and it takes you ages before you actually cut into the first sheet of the one you love the most...........
Yea we have all been there I hear you cry.

For the whole month of October Stampin'Up are offering free paper. YES FREE PAPER.
For every three packs of paper you buy you can choose a 4th pack free. I have a long list of the papers that you can get and every day this week I am going to bring you pictures of paper in my
6.30am post

I suggest you get together with a friend pick out 4 different packs and spilt each one between you. That will give you 24 sheets of 12 x 12 double sided paper for £15. Or 40 double sided sheets of 6 x 6 paper for £13.50
For every one who places an order in my online shop of over £35 during October, I will send you half a pack of designer paper. you will be able to choose Christmas or Non Christmas during the first week of November.

Today I have two papers that make great cards, box lids and everything else for  children plus the forever young adults of course!
Birthday memories and Pick a pattern. I do admit when I first saw these the Birthday memories created so many ideas in my head it was fit to burst. The Pick a pattern did nothing for my. However for my friend.... she had the exact opposite re action. Thats brilliant, we have very different tastes but Stampin'Up pleases us all Happy Dance.

First up Birthday Memories.

The stamp set matches the characters printed on the sheets. So you can create a brilliant co-ordinated look.

Second Pick a Pattern, my friends favourite..

The little dinosaurs and so cute and I do love the mushrooms. 

What do you think? How would you use this set?

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