Thursday, 8 March 2018

Box cards and colourful seasons.

I always struggle with these box cards. My measurements just don't go right, the angles aren't right angles etc etc...... do you have that problem?
I have the colourful seasons stamp set and dies and I haven't used them other than the snowflake dies for christmas so I thought it was time that came out. I had a good trawl through pinterest, there are lots of beautiful makes there but non actually did the trick for me until I found this.
This lady's card I loved but I couldn't find it on her blog here ......

Then I went to you tube and found this shadow box card tutorial It makes making the box so simple. I did find creating the wrap was best left until the box was complete as they all come out a slightly different size!
I changed both of them around a little and came up with this.

Such a pretty set and it made the Tuesday class group feel like spring was on its way. 

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