Thursday, 24 May 2018

Late to the party...

This time next week it will be the last day to order any of the bundles from the current catalogue with 10% discount. Those that carry over lose their discount and are no longer bundles. The coffee cafe set has been on my wish list since this time last year. I also love the papers however my wish list was very long!!! Last week I took the plunge, I ordered the bundle and a packet of the paper (I had one from a previous order). I love it, why didn't I get it earlier when every one was using it?

So for my first creation this is so fitting as its for my 'Card and a Cuppa' group on Tuesday morning. The lady who runs the cafe has been away on holiday and we were chatting last Monday lunch time and she asked how I thought it was going, I explained we had a couple of new people and if everyone who has ever been turned up at the same time there would probably be a dozen, I'm not sure how I would cope and the space in the cafe is limited and we laughed about it....... The following morning 8 turned up.... thats the biggest group I have worked with in the cafe and it was so hot! We laughed about it afterwards.

This is for next Tuesday morning at Card and a Cuppa. More cards using this set to follow.

Coffee Cafe Bundle      145331

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