Monday, 29 July 2019

A rather different kind of creation

Today I promised myself I would show you the butterfly cards I have made but last Monday all our boxes arrived from storage, within 2 hours I couldn't move in my craft room, there was no floor area showing just stacks of boxes four high! Thats what happens when you try and put 10 gallons in a pint pot!!!
Before they arrived I cleared my desk and now I can't find the butterfly cards I had put away so carefully. So I have something a bit different to show you.
My youngest son Bob is very involved in the design and build of sets for the Wilderness festival which is held near Oxford on the first weekend in August. His wife Rhi this year has created the decoration for the banqueting hall. Today I have helped her put those decorations together whilst my OH has been doing his Grandpa roll with young Jasper. (6 months).
It's the first time I have worked in a high vis jacket.......

We created four of these, at some point tomorrow they will be hoisted to the roof of the marque.

This is us yesterday. David taking a selfie of Jasper who wasn't that amused at the time! He is a little darling. I will post a picture at the weekend of the banquet marque when it is full of punters eating.

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