Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A special frame for a special lady

Another special order, a frame for a young lady who graduates today. This has been ordered by her friend as her gift, not being a chocolates and flowers sort of girl.

She said her interests were baking, moustaches, black rimmed specs, mini coopers and Paris particularly the Eiffel Tower. I felt it also needed to celebrate the graduation.

After much arranging and rearranging it finally all dropped into place last week. There are 2 elements missing,,,,,I would have liked some miniature wooden spoons but couldn't find any although I have seen them somewhere and the 'moustache'. I did die cut 3 moustache but they just didn't seem to fit anywhere. I'm sure she will be glad not to be reminded of this interest later in life!

This is my favourite panel. I couldn't find a mini cooper stamp anywhere so stamped a 'male' background of cogs and wheels with graph paper in-between then stamped and fussy cut the only car stamp I had. The button that looks like a wheel was a good colour. Lastly I have added a miniature mini cooper in the favoured yellow colour. This I found on the internet.

 Love the little buns, shame I couldn't find some miniature wooden spoons. The doilies are a feminine touch and the cherries look great coated with glossy accents.

I found I didn't have anything in my stash to do with Paris and struggled with this area. Then I found the key ring fob of the Eiffel Tower which adds a little movement, the paris shield on the top was an added bonus. This panel is stamped underneath with a Paris postmark. I think it could be improved but really wasn't sure how!
I did discuss the sentiment, this one I think is highly appropriate as the friend starts her way in the world with her degree. It says:-

'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing'
attributed to Helen Keller, who led a very interesting life.

 So who is the special person you need to buy for? I have a few orders but there is always room for more.

These are some of the previous frames I have completed.

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