Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sprinkles of Life

Its strange I have been having a tidy up today and have now found I can't find the cards I took as inspiration for the crafty session with the PTA. I have 4 of them but there were defiantly 6 in the box when I got home!
So here are the 4. I must just say these were all inspired by all those lovely demonstrators who share their makes on Pintrest. I usually give names and/or blog sites but this time I just didn't have enough time. It was a case of get 6 samples made in 24hrs and come up with a simple make and take for people who haven't crafted before.

First 1 up is the silver cloud lining line...... The coloured raindrops are made with the punch as are the clouds

 This card uses the cloud as a cupcake topping. Its very easy to make.
 This has to be my favourite as it uses the watercolour background. You ink the block then spritz it, immediately placing it ink side down on the paper. It gives that lovely soft water coloured effect.

And last but not least my minty ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. Such a fun image, it makes my mouth water.

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