Thursday, 8 October 2015

National Poetry Day.

Two posts in one day you lucky people.
My sister in law is a poet and a very skilled one I think. I asked her to do me a poem about my crafting. This is what she came up with, I love it.

Crafting Space

She lets the dishes drain
stares out at steady, greying, rain
half-hears the rising wind, the traffic’s whine
and turns instead to where she knows she’ll find
safe passage to a small, kind, wonderland:
   where every summer colour’s close to hand
   where winter’s perfect white is touched with gold
   where birds teach paper how their wings must fold
   where careful fingers lift a branching tree
   and link a chain of words in filigree
   to set them down, softly as a sigh,
   bright stitches on a satin sky.
To thank a loved one, greet a friend,
to celebrate a feast, or help a heart to mend,
she lets the dishes dry --
and her imagination fly.
October 2015, Linda Goulden

Isn't that wonderful, and to enable your imagination to fly further I have added a link to the seasonal catalogue and tweaked some of the classes on the events and classes page, please check it out. 


  1. Beautiful poem - a poem can come alive in your mind, touch your heart and lift your spirit, and this poem did all that for me. Thank you for commissioning it, and thank your sister in law for creating it - thank you both for sharing. x