Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Refold and Penguins,

You will need to scroll down for the penguins but first.......

Well I went back to the card I posted yesterday as I just wasn't happy with it, then the OH said, why don't you try it folded the other way and Bingo. it just looks so much better.

Thats better. 

And now for the penguins. 
I really did want to cut the size down so I have reduced the height to a normal C6 card. When folded the whole card will squish into a standard envelope although I will make a box for mine. 

This penguin from the Snow Place stamp set is so cute, I just want him to jump up and down and dance to the Happy Feet beat!

What do you think of this then?

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  1. Stunning Karen... Now have I got any Wonderland papers left in my stash!? Too good not to CASE....

    1. Do you agree about the folds, funny how they look better one way rather than the other. k x