Saturday, 21 November 2015

Craft in the Pen

This is where I have spent my afternoon and yes we have snow although it has been a lovely sunny day with one of those blue water washed skies. I have done quite a bit of my christmas shopping. Pat on the back I think.

In the Pen, is literally in the pens of the cattle market/sheep market. Each pen is set up as a little studio/shop front. Those that have been regulars at the Art in the pen are well adapted for fixing items to the metal frames of the pen. Many of the stalls have those battery fairy lights and when we left towards the end of the afternoon it looked really pretty and Christmassy.
The cafe did a roaring trade at lunchtime with large portions of good food and reasonable prices and MUGS of hot tea which were much appreciated.

If you are local to Skipton it is worth a visit tomorrow. This is the first time they have held a 'Crafts in the Pen' . During the summer they have an 'Art in the Pen' which is also a good event with lots of lovely paintings sculptures and other interesting items.

Consequently I have not been in my craft room today. I will bring you a snowy make tomorrow.

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