Thursday, 26 November 2015

Day 2 of 12 makes for a Christmas Fair - Plaques, snowmen and penguins!

I have already shown you one plaque with penguins on, its also on my crafting pinterest board and has been re pinned lots of times, that makes me think it would be quite popular. I didn't want to just do penguins so I have done a few with the snowmen. This stamp set has been great and of course the penguin is cute. Only 19 days left to buy this stamp set, if you hover over the picture of the stamp set at the bottom then click it takes you to the set in my online shop.

So.... these are the three snowman plaques I have made. The bottom one really shows up how you can highlight small elements with the fine tip glue, can you see how the top hat is shiny, thats the glue!

 The detail.....

The snowmen dressed in red, rather than sequins I have added stars punched out with the confetti punch of glimmer paper.

The detail, isn't the little snowman cute in his glossy bow tie.

The detail..... I love the snowman now with their shiny carrot noses. I only liked the penguins to begin with but the snowmen are cute too.

 Now for the penguins, yes they are cute. There are two blue and two red, all a little different from each other but similar in every way.

Do you have a favourite? I think the original one with the penguins in red is mine.