Friday, 27 November 2015

Day 3 of my 12 makes for a Christmas fair. Curvy Keepsake boxes.

I now have a bumper crop of curvy keepsake boxes. AND did you know you can fit 3 Lindor balls in each one, well that is what I have done. They would look great as place markers for a large Christmas dinner, with that little bit of chocolate for afterwards.

The pudding boxes are almost double layer as I have started with a brown box and then I have cut a white one. The white one is then cut to form the dribbles on each side. (cuts the base off). The leaves are cut freehand.

The robins use the brown box too. Then I have added the robins. The robin body is a punched red large oval, a brown circle for the face, a large long red triangle folded over at the top for the hat with a word window along the bottom of the hat. The little orange triangle has a small turned down piece at the back to stick it to the brown circle.

 The father Christmas is a bit different to the original as the moustache die is no longer available. I have used the festive flower punch, covering the join with a small pink circle. I have added a small silver glimmer circle to the end of the hat.

Oops this one looks like he has a blank eye. I don't know why its come out like that its OK in real life. I have never seen the film 'Frozen', but I understand its very popular.

The penguins are made of black card then the feet and beak from orange. The white body is made using the oval punch. The one of the front looks puzzled, wonder what he was looking at when I took the picture.

Ant this is whats inside....... yum yum.

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