Tuesday, 3 November 2015

One Layer cards

My mojo is a bit low at the moment. I can't decide if it's the fog or spending a whole weekend with a 2" paintbrush in my hand doing the gloss paint in the hall, the skirting boards, bannister rail and spindles, plus 4 doors. Hey ho, it looks good now, just need some sunshine so I can open the front door and get rid off the smell!

Julie Kettlewell is my Stampin'Up team leader and every day I check her blog. This first card is cased from her post yesterday but with autumnal colours. Lovely as a Tree is one of my favourite stamp sets too and then I did a second card with Wetlands which is also one of my most used stamp sets. The images and the script for the sentiments just works so well.

The essence of these cards is there simplicity but also the use of a limited colour palette as a sponged background. On both cards I have only used 2 colours but the way you blend them is important. With the tree card I could use the same colours again and get a very different effect as here I have sponged with a sponged off sponge(!) very lightly.

Hope you like them.

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  1. Found these via Pinterest! Lovely and link good!