Saturday, 20 February 2016

Who has a baby to buy for. Something very different.

Knitting, a short story of my knitting. The story of this wool is long and sad...... I started a jumper back last September, it had trees on it and I thought it would do for Christmas.......I was still knitting last week, the pattern was just too complicated, at one point I had 18 small balls of wool going at once. The first 29 rows of the pattern looked lovely the next four went ok but when I looked at it I didn't like it so I went to pull those 4 rows back, could I get it back on the needles..................
I ended up pulling it all out, rewound the wool and looked for something else - no not cardigans  for your little one but miniature knitting. I really enjoyed doing these. One per night sat in front of the telly, most telly I have watched in an age.

What do you think?

So what do you think of this? I shall be putting this in my Etsy shop next week.


  1. These are gorgeous Karen! Did you have patterns to work from?

    1. Yes, I'm not clever enough at knitting to make my own up. But they didn't take long. I find its good to do something a bit different every now and again. k x