Saturday, 5 March 2016


My friend Sally Jo sent me a link to a class happening in Halifax for a lantern making  it was only 2 days away but I emailed on the off chance there were vacancies. Luckily for me there were.
It was a lovely evening and this is what we made. The class was run by I.O.U theatre. The lady running the class was really great and I am so pleased with what I came home with. Inspired. More information here

This was the first one we all made, lots of folding and some scoring.

Then we went onto larger pieces of paper, the initial concertina fold is the same but the cross folds could be different. I kept mine the same just larger - I have also pulled string through the top folds to make a lantern.

This was my OH second fold, he put two cross folds into this and a battery tea light sits in the bottom and it looks very pretty.

Finally this looked quite intricate but I found this the easiest, perhaps it was because I had made a couple already.  If I had folded it with the red paper on the outside it made a little ball.

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