Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Nostalga Week

Well where did the weekend go. I can't believe I didn't blog yesterday. It was of those headless chicken days, not much achieved but busy busy!

I thought I would go back to some of the stamp sets I used earlier in the year and create some new cards and home decor items.
I am starting out with home decor. I made one of these last June/July time. I thought I would make another alphabet frame with the dinosaurs.

These two smaller pictures show the detail in the heat embossed bones. Using this technique for the skeletons is very effective.

This is the original frame, re photographed for my Etsy shop which I have just opened properly. I registered it some time ago but never really got it going. I am now adding things daily, this is the link. It would be great if you had time to look.

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