Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Paper decorations

Sorry no blog yesterday, I am busy knitting........ can't tell you until I show you on Saturday! But I will tell you its linked to all that cutting out I did on Monday.

At the moment I am thinking about classes for children in the summer. This first post I found on Facebook by an art teacher in Australia. I have made a very simplified in terms of decoration copy.
Its amazingly quick and simple to construct and once you have done one and understand how it goes together you could create with colour amazing ones......

The pictures are taken in my living room which has velum windows, it is tied to the blind but it could be attached to a plant stick, (those green ones that keep a plant upright)

I have just taken lots of pictures as it has twiddled around. I have used the Swallowtail stamp for the butterfly. I wish I had done these as my swaps as they are so quick and easy to do!

Not sure what I will be back with tomorrow, you will have to pop back to see! Have a good day.

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