Monday, 20 June 2016

Ooops Beginners classes part 2

I noticed I posted week 3 last week but what had happened to week 2,...... it was still in my camera!
Here we have week 2, all about matting and layering.
When we have crafted for a while we can forget how confusing the cutting of card bases and layers could be.
Starting with a sheet of A4 card we will be looking at the different styles of card you can get from a standard C6, tent fold, then landscape C6 and tent fold, how these are cut from one sheet and the measurements involved.
Again we will make three cards, starting with a very easy one then getting progressively more challenging.

The first one is a simple second layer with two rounded corners.
The next one has a stamped sheet cut into two these are then layered onto a piece of card matching the base card. The third one is one of my favourite styles, looks impressive but quite easy to create.

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