Friday, 24 June 2016

Project Life

A bit of a change today. I haven't done much Project Life for a while but I have been inspired by the new boxes of cards in the catalogue. Then I realised I had quite a few sets left so needed to use them up first before I ordered more.

On the last day of August 2015 my other half finally got to do the item on the top of his bucket list....... fly a bi plane! This is a man who can't go up a step ladder to clean the downstairs windows for fear of heights!!!

Our 3 boys bought him this experience for his 60th birthday.

I have created two full pages . Page 2 first as this has the man in question in his goggles and flying jacket. He got to fly the plane for a little while too.

Page 1 is about where we stayed as we had had a previous trip south to  do the flying that was cancelled due to the weather. We had stayed in a not very nice pub somewhere so we could visit a cathedral. This time the pub was thatched we had a lovely little cottage at the back, beamed ceilings and the pub food was wonderful. I highly recommend The John Barley Corn if you ever go to visit Duxford flying museum which is well worth a visit.

The pictures below are of the beam over the bed where we stayed, these are the ones that are in a single line of pockets. The one below that, is just pictures of the biplane behind the beam pictures... if that makes sense!

I so love Project Life, must do more! September next, not sure what we did in September must get the photos printed.

This is a good read if you are not sure about why we should have Project Life

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