Thursday, 23 June 2016

Painted Palette again

Following on from yesterdays post I thought I would continue with this paper stack but do something a bit different. I hadn't used the 'Painter's palette' stamp set so these are my starting point, I have only used the easel stamp from the set and there are many others but I have gone to the Tin of Cards stamp set for the sentiment, these are lovely I have also used some of the new 'In colours", sweet sugar plum, emerald envy and peekaboo peach.

I quite like this brick design paper. Just the two shades of pink make it very easy to use.  

I love the stripe, can't decide if its PJ's or a deckchair!
 And.....   the emerald envy has really grown on me.

Not sure about the peekaboo peach, this brick paper was a bit in your face. I thought the two colours went together quite well but the design element is missing from this one, back to the drawing board tomorrow with this one! The sentiment is great tho'.  

Think thats all for painters palette for the moment, something completely different tomorrow, possibly home decor.........                                        

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