Thursday, 8 September 2016

Merry Mice Candle

Today I have what I was working towards yesterday. Two weeks on saturday we are holding a 'decorate a candle' workshop in Our Creative Den. Last year I ran a very successful class doing this at home but I haven't done any candles since so I thought I had better practice.

Firstly you need tissue paper, this is stamped on then coloured. Next comes the magic. Wrap the tissue paper around the candle then wrap a layer of baking parchment around tightly, leaving enough to hold onto both ends together, this helps to stop you burning your fingers! Then you apply the heat gun. Gently melting the top layer of wax the tissue paper disappears in to the surface of the candle. The baking parchment helps to keep the candle surface smooth. You can see this happen much like heat embossing.

Here is my candle and its box.

I have picked up the paper from the card to finish the box in. Plus a window so you can see the mice. If you would like to come along to the workshop check out

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