Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fathers Day

I know I am a bit early on this one, but June is a busy month. For a start I have 130 table place name creations to make for my youngest who is getting married in the summer. We haven't had a family wedding for about 15 years so very excited. I will show you what after the event.
Back to Fathers Day I am planning on putting these in my Etsy shop, thats another reason for getting ahead.
A couple of weeks ago my friend and fellow demonstrator called over for a day in the Den, needless to say we didn't get any making done just talking...... it was business talking, well most of it was. :)
She leant me her nailed it set which I hadn't bought as it just isn't my thing. I know its not carrying forward but there is still time to use it. Here is my first make.... a bit of a joke.

I drew the squares on the backboard, punched the holes and daubed. Then I looked again and decided to leave the lines, its what ours in the utility room looks like. I wanted to put something on for clips but just couldn't find something that would work.  The card is blank inside.  What do you think?

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