Monday, 31 July 2017

Something for those on the go

Stationary.... don't you just love it.
2 items for you today. The first is the planner that Stampin Up have launched in the new catalogue on page 12 and 13. Its so pretty...

The second stationary item   - I have made. Thanks to Linda Parker here

These were another big seller at the summer fair. I made 4, one in each of the new in colours except the powder pink, (I had used all that paper!) I sold all 4 and got orders for 4 more. They are so useful, slipping into a bag, knowing that at your next meeting you will have everything to hand.

The note book has a magnet in the back which attaches it to the back of the case so you can take the book out to write in, place it back in place and know that it is secure.

Pens..... go on how many do you get through in a day. This one matches your box so you will recognise who is using it at a glance!

The mini envelope closes with a couple of magnets, ideal for business cards or stamps or the odd fiver!

The paperclips help you keep your receipts in place or a couple of notes.

Lots of colours to choose from

Love Today Planner Kit  144257

The online shop is open 24/7 If you do order and spend between £25 and £150 be sure to use the hostess code below then I will send you a small bag of Stampin'Up goodies in August by way of a thank you.

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  1. These are fab Karen, glad they were popular for you x