Saturday, 25 November 2017

Star book, class details.

Today was the star book class in the studio. What a marathon it was. Unfortunately I had under estimated how long it would take to put together. Everyone had all their pieces ready so here is a bit of help for them to put it together.
Page 1 everyone completed. Page 2 is the second half of the stairs and the rats. The stairs go onto the left hand side of the page, stick some of the rats to the back of the stairs so that it looks as if they are coming down the stairs., three on one page, three on the other half.

Page 3 is the parlour where the sugar plum fairy is dancing. The two chairs need adding to the left hand side on dimensionals/foam pads. Adding the sugar plum fairy. Use double sided to tape to put the thread on her back. Tape each end of the thread to the M shaped card at the top and the bottom The M shaped card has folds going in the same direction as the wall page but sat 1cm further back The chairs and the picture on the wall are added with foam pads/dimesionals. The window is stuck flat on the opposite wall. I will post a picture of the M part on Monday when I am back in the studio. Don't forget to add your mouse!

Page 4 is the Nutcracker jumping out of his box. The Christmas Tree goes in the centre of the page. The presents overlap each other stuck to the red skirting board and the back of the wall to give it a three dimensional view. The nutcracker is stuck to the the back of the presents. Keep folding the page shut to make sure it will work as you add each present. The nutcracker actually folds in half.

Page 5 is the easiest. First to add, is the the staircase. Place this so that it  just wraps past the fold in the page and 1 cm down from the top of the red skirting board. The stairs are flat to the page with the garland along the bannister rail. In front of the stairs to the left add the table, plate of biscuits and the dog, the table and the dog sit along the bottom edge of the stairs. These are on dimensionals/foam pads. Your last nutcracker stands at the bottom of the stairs, the sugarplum fairy balances on the edge of the 'wall'. The rat is on the right side, on the wall with dimensionals.

Don't forget your mouse, can you see mine. 
The cover.  Use the designer paper to cover the thick card back and fronts. You only need to fold in about one to one and a half inches of paperalong each edge. The rest is spare. 
Once this is stuck, lay the front face down, put a line of double sided tape across the middle and place the ribbon on the sticky. (fold the ribbon in half and put the fold to where the spine will be then open up the ribbon to one long line) This ensures it doesn't slip. Glue page one on top, follow with the other pages, when you have glued page 5 put a line of double sided tape across the middle and lay the ribbon across this. Ensure the ribbon wraps around the spine fairly tightly. Then glue the back on.

To decorate the cover layer up the gold foil oval, the snowflake and the white oval with the sentiment. Thread the thin red ribbon through the embellishment tie a knot thread this through the button and tie a large floppy bow. Stick the button with glue dots. the little wooden nutcracker is stuck on with glue dots as is the parcel below the sentiment oval. The last little mouse is sitting on the parcel. The green is draped across the top with a couple of glue dots.

If you have any problems ladies please message me here

All items used are in the seasonal catalogue except the Designer paper which is in the annual catalogue. I have an order going in on Monday if you would like anything without paying for postage.

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