Friday, 3 August 2018

Friday tip of the week - watercolour pencils

How long have you had your water colour pencils? 
How often do you use them? 
Do you find that you use some colours more than others?
Do you have some pencils that are getting a bit short?

I love mine and use them at least once a week, if not more. Some of the colours, like the grey I have hardly used yet the Rich Razzleberry is probably used every time I get the packet out.

My tip this week is about eeking out those colours that you use a lot, a little bit longer..... What do you do when you sharpen the pencils...Yes you get a sharpener and do it over the bin so you don't make a mess.
Thats what you have to stop doing.

All those pencil shavings have a little bit of watercolour lead on them and are so useful. Plus because this lead is so soft you also get a fine bit of colour that drops off all the way around as you sharpen. Furthermore because the lead is soft, if you have dropped the pencil there is a good chance the lead is broken in places resulting in a large lump of lead that drops out of the pencil when you sharpen it. These can all be used.
I use a little box for each colour...

These boxes are used for tablets but are such a good size and so cheap. I sharpen my pencil into the space for that colour then next time I watercolour I get my box out and use that first, you can get some very strong colour from these bits, once I am not getting much return for the effort I just wipe it out with a paper towel ready for the next time I sharpen. Yes my OH calls me a miser but for me it leaves extra pennies for other products.

The new pack of pencil colours has 10 pencils in the box for £11.75 in a lovely colour range, its worth clicking on the link just to have a look at them, mine are on there way with Mr UPS as you read this.
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Watercolour pencils (Main Catalogue)  141709
Watercolour pencils (Limited Edition)  149014

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