Saturday, 4 August 2018

Ink Pad Challenge

Stampin'Up sometimes set us a world wide challenge. For August they are challenging us to sell the new style ink pads in the thousands. And I mean in the thousands. The world market has been divided into 14 regions, the number of demonstrators in that region determines the target for ink pad sales 

United Kingdom, your sales threshold is 9,708 ink pads!

That is a lot of ink pads. My first purchase will be 'Shaded Spruce and Mossy Meadow' as these are the two greens I don't have and I will need them when I start my Christmas cards. 

What would be your first new ink pad colour......?

This is how many the UK market has sold in the first four days of the challenge - 

Stampin'Up have a range of 50 colours for you to choose from. Have a look and see what your favourite would be. 
For every ink pad I sell this month I will send you a handmade card. Win win. I hope to pop back next saturday with an update of how well the Uk market is doing.
Check out the ink pad colours here

PS not sure why the first few papragraphs are on whlte stripes! Anyone able to advise? 

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