Thursday, 9 August 2018

Its Thursday.........over to you

What is your favourite colour?
Check out the 50 colours that Stampin'Up have this year. So many pretty new colours.
Check out the colours here and let me know which one is your favourite....

Last Saturday I told you about the challenge that Stampin'Up have set us demonstrators for August to sell 9,708 ink pads.

At the end of this first week in the UK we have reached 7% of the total set. I know that some of you who are good at maths can work out what 7% of 9,708 is.......

I've done it,  that = 679 ink pads. I have sold 2 of them.  

I love the new style ink pads, its taken a couple of weeks to get used to them. Plus next week I am going to do a special week on this years In Colours. I hadn't realised I hadn't done that yet. Its probably because there are so many new colours this year and I love them.

If you fancy helping me sell my 10 ink pads to be a successful part of the challenge please check out the 50 colours on offer here.  

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