Wednesday, 14 August 2019


Todays blog isn't about something I have created but about having a new craft space. Its 3 years since I crafted at home. It's going to take a while to get used to it. The room is small and I have a lot of stuff! I am trying to be really organised so that everything I use is put away when I have finished. In this way I aim to keep my desk clear. I do have some way to go.
At the moment I do not have any shelves so there are a lot of bits and pieces on my desk top, including my inks, blends, marker pens, tombo glue etc etc.

Stampin'Up have a new range of storage. It comes in lots of parts that fit together in as many combinations as you can think off. I have only bought for one colour family of inks and my blends, I shall be buying a bit more each month until Christmas.

It was only whist I was filling this I rrealised I either haven't got and 'Brights' re inkers or they are still in a box so the Tombo has home for now.  In the picture I have 2 ink pad storage units, I blends stack, 1 open storage and 2 top trays. 

Eventually all my ink pads, re inkers, marker pens, ink spots and other bits will be stored in these and the whole lot will be on a shelf just above the desk top.

The Stampin'Up image storage


Storage all parts

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