Friday, 6 November 2015

Star book for snowmen

Once again its a very wet day here and todays post is picture heavy so please excuse the quality of the pictures. The 'just daylight' pictures I have had to delete as they are so dark so some here are with the flash, some are with a table lamp and some are with both.

Star Book....... I made one last year using the White Christmas stamp set, this years uses the Snowplace stamp set, the snowman in particular. His clothes are stamped in Marina Mist,  great for Manchester City supporters but I now need to do one with red for the Manchester United fans.  I have also resized the book but on reflection I prefer the larger one. See what you think.

Opening the book up you tie the ribbons together and viewing the book from above it makes a star shape.

On each page I have created a scene with the snowman adding layers of clothes until the last page where he wears his top hat only. On the outside layers I have added trees from the Festival of trees stamp set and then the letters of the word 'snow' in sequins.

Page one (in different lighting scenarios).
Snowman just built, clothing hung on the tree.

Page 2 snowman now wrapped in winter scarf.

Page 3 snowman now has scarf and walking stick.

Page 4 fully wrapped with scarf, stick and bobble hat.

Last Page, snowman in his topper. I think this suits him best. What do you think?

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