Monday, 14 December 2015


I am having problems getting going in the craft room at the moment, I can't sit for very long and when I stand I am very bent over to one side. I also can't lift anything with any weight with my right hand.
Last Christmas I was bought a little papier mache reindeer and some paper. The paper is paisley purples with gold its quite fine but not tissue paper. Today I thought I would have a go at covering the reindeer with the paper. I started with tombo glue but then went onto water down some PVA from a cheap bottle I had from being in school. I tore the paper into small pieces then stuck them to the reindeer until it was covered. There is more of an art to this than is at first apparent. I wasn't particularly pleased with the completed outcome but the addition of the gold ribbon with the bell just adds a bit of glam.

I think I might try another one of these using the Stampin'Up newsprint. I should have taken a picture of what I started with.

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