Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Watercolour and Wilderness awaits

When I decided to do the reindeer the other day I also came across a book of postcards made of watercolour paper. Its really thick and a joy to work with. Most of these things are a matter of trial and error. How much water to put on the paper, how much to spritz on the block once inked etc etc. The good thing about that is that every piece you do is different, some come out great and some not so good. This one was a third attempt I wanted the colours you get in Scotland at the beginning and end of the day, the pink and pale cold blue with a touch of yellow from the sun.

Its only on seeing the picture enlarged I realise the reindeers nose is not aligned over the stamped image quite correctly! Not sure how when his legs are OK.......
Once I had my background I have torn the edges then daubed the scruffy bits, I love daubing. The sentiment in this set is a bit unusual but I think its a lovely phrase, especially for a card from a teenager to a grandfather or similar.

I will be back tomorrow using another stamp from this wonderful "Wilderness Awaits' stamp set.

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