Saturday, 2 April 2016

Heat Embossing - some problems

Today I have my black and white embossed card to show you - I'm not happy with this but I do think it highlights some of the problems.

The idea behind the card is good, the actual making of it is not good! The white looks patchy although this was the third attempt perhaps it is meant to be like that. The black doesn't show up well on this first picture, it is there and the sentiment is wonky!
In more detail you can see that the sentiment actually has not printed well - the top of the f is missing and there are a lot of white dots to the end of the s.....

When you look at the black close up you notice lots of white bits. This is where some white powder has got in the black powder. It must have happened last time I had the embossing powder out. Think I need to order some more!

Funny stuff it makes me think of flocked wallpaper. What do you think?

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